Zotero to Tiddlywiki5


Zotero is a great tool but it has been challenging to look up bib and notes taken in Zotero on Tiddlywiki. It is really inconvinient to have to always have to switch between these two apps.

Therefore, I wrote this python script which takes the csv that you get from running Zotero's default csv translators and converts it into something that you can import to Tiddlywiki directly.

Note that Tiddlywiki does not allow you to import arbitrary JSON files such as 

    'x': 10,
    'y': 20

as new tiddlers. Instead any JSON file that you import must have the following keys to be loaded as a new tiddler

    'text'        : '' ,
    'tags'        : '' ,
    'modified'    : '' ,
    'created'     : '' ,
    'title'       : ''



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