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Giving up on PDF annotations

What I wanted: To be able to seamlessly take notes on PDFs with the annotations automatically synced to my notes. Additionally, if I make any changes to any of the annotations at any time, they must also immediately sync back to my notes.  Is this possible?: Note that this workflow for HTML is possible using WebResearcherJS ( along with Joplin.  However, after exploring this issue for a considerable period of time, today, I give up on my pursuit to integrate PDF annotations directly with my research workflow. I am prepared to label this task as 'possible but time-consuming and challenging to implement'. Solution adopted: Instead, the solution I adapted was to iframe the pdf on to a webpage and use WebResearcherJS to take notes on the webpage. Thus far, this pipeline works like a charm and eliminates the need to directly deal with PDFs. Notes: Python: I wrote a python module that extracts PDF annotations . One possibility is