A traditional blog post can be thought of as residing in a network, with webpages linking to and from it. However, if one were to naively consider every incoming and outgoing link to this webpage, it can become a bit chaotic. This series is my humble attempt to manually curate a network (a 'roadmap') with interesting content from the internet along with my own commentary as needed. This will hopefully serve as a compass to those who wish to navigate its treacherous seas. 


  1. How to use the hubble legacy archive (HLA) - 101  
  2. Communicating and downloading data from the James Webb Space Telescope


  1. Visualizing standing waves in a microwave  
  2. A note on what makes solutions discretized?


  1. Python
    1. matplotlib's add_axes and windows lagscreen 
    2.  It is ridiculously easy to generate any audio wave signal in Python
    3.  Data visualization using grammar of graphics and plotnine 
    4.  Python decorator: Example 1 
    5.  globals() and creating 100 global variables at once  
    6. Zotero to Tiddlywiki5 
    7. svglue: Templating using inkscape and python 
    8. beautifyPlot: A simple matplotlib wrapper to avoid writing ‘plt.’ statements on many lines 
  2. Linux
    1. Setting default applications in Ubuntu  
    2. Exploring /dev/input directory
    3. Configuring XP-Pen drivers on Linux   
    4. gnuplot: Tips and tricks    
  3. Javascript  
    1. Text Fragments   
  4. Others
    1. Disabling YouTube shorts
    2. The New York Times v/s OpenAI, Microsoft lawsuit  
    3. Giving up on PDF annotations 


  1. 3.5mm headphone jack
    1. Preparing a headphone jack for hacking
    2. Every speaker is also a microphone
    3. The Anatomy of a headphone jack
    4. How does a computer know that you have plugged in a jack ?
    5. Testing basic headphone jack functions (Android)
    6. Don’t do this! – Headphone jack
    7. Speaker Impedance and the Headphone jack
    8. The Ultimate Guide to using LEDs with headphone jack
    9. Vibration motor meets the headphone jack
    10. LiFi using solar panel and headphone jack
    11. LiFi using IR sensor, Arduino and headphone jack
    12. Really simple “mobile phone detector” using headphone jack
    13. Lightning detector with nothing more than a simple headphone jack
    14. Headphone jack meets a spark gap
    15. Detect switching ON/OFF of Tube-light with a simple headphone jack
    16. Cigarette Lighter spark detection using headphone jack
    17. Transmitting in the RF range using the headphone jack
    18. Listening to radio signals from a remote control car using a headphone jack
    19. Obstacle detector “with audible feedback” using headphone jack, IR sensor and 555 timer
    20. Wireless Drawdio and Body Coupled Communciation using the headphone jack 


  1. Dotted lines on blackboard with chalk | 1000 fps
  2. S curve growth of technology 
  3. Devaluation of information in a consumer lifestyle society   
  4. chatGPT and research abstracts 
  5. Socioeconomic roots of academic faculty 
  6. Richard Feynman’s Letter on What Problems to Solve 
  7. Choose Your Weapon: Survival Strategies for Depressed AI Academics 
  8. When universities are theme parks  


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